Before & After

"Big and Heavy" Liquid Ambers are beautiful trees but when they grow in a lawn area and get regular water they grow beyond their ability to support themselves. Lacing or thinning is the key to preserving them. Make sure they are laced before mid summer since that's when they tend to "self prune". Gardeners and Landscape maintenance company's often top and damage trees to keep them under 15' so they can get a lower insurance rate. This is a frond from a Canary Island Date Palm. One sided frond death is a common sign of Fusarium which is usually lethal. Lacing of a Metrosideros, "New Zealand Christmas Tree".
Over thinning of a Birch. Alive for now but heavy lacing is very stressful on these trees as they already have to contend with aphids, boring beetles and San Diego's warm and dry climate. Light pruning only on these trees If you want to keep them healthy.  
Lacing of a Carob. Fence eating Oak tree.    

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