About Us

Parker Tree is a full service tree trimming and removal company based in Rancho Penasquitos. Since 1996 we have cared for the trees of over 5000 homeowners. We take pride in providing the best tree care available and educating our customers as well. Often times we tell our client the best thing for the tree is leave it alone, since pruning some trees is unneccsesary, and to others, can even be harmful. Being honest and doing only what is beneficial has gained us many loyal clients. Additionaly our expertise as Certified Arborists allows us to reccommend the proper care based on your trees specific needs which can save you thousands of dollars of the life of your trees. So whether your looking for someone to trust with your delicate ornamentals or the strength and safety etiquette to tackle your biggest removal projects Parker Tree Service will be able to take care of you.