Tree Tips



Sensitive Trees
Minimize Pruning for the following:
Europenean White Birch
Purple Plum

We are removing these trees on a regular basis due to decline from environmental and man made stress. Trimming should be restricted to dead wood,interior suckers and light shaping. If the tree is in excellent health a light thinning may be acceptable. Keep them watered and apply Bayer Tree and Shrub once a year.
    Canary Island Date Palms and Fusarium
This Disease has been spread by the use of infected pruning tools from unknowing tree "services". Once the tree is infected is can take several months to years for the disease to take the life of the Palm. Currently Fusarium infection is terminal since there is no known cure. This disease can live in the soil for many years after the infected Palm is removed so replacing with another Canary Island Date Palm is not an option.

Avoid trimming in Summer Months due to beeltle infestations
Monterrey Pine
Aleppo Pine
Italian Stone Pine

Sometimes the need to trim can be greater than the risk of beetle attack so it is best to have a Certified Arborist weigh the risks for you. The best time to trim Pines is in the winter. Apply deep water to these trees to help increase sap flow which is the trees natural defense against boring beetles.