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This is a nice way of saying "thinning". This is actually very important since trees often grow beyond their ability to support their own weight. Making hundreds of small pruning cuts allows the limbs to lightin up. It also allows the wind to blow through the tree instead of against it. Wind stress is a major cause of tree failure. It also allows more light to pentrate the canopy.
    Root Barriers
These are installed up to 2' below grade to inhibit or redirect roots away from hardscape of house foundations. A great investment to save the tree and your home.

Crown Reduction
This is the proper way to reduce a trees height. An arborist can determine the max allowable for reductions. If you want more of a reduction than ideal we can tell you if there will be long term drawbacks you might encounter. Click of "Educated Tree Owner" and see "Topping"

Some trees have very poor structure and can't be made safe by trimming alone. Cables can be anchored to specific limbs to support eachother. Its not rocket science but the method is specific and requires an expert to determine if its a viable option and exactly how and where to place the cables.
We do these so often, we now plant five trees for everyone we take out.
Disease Diagnosis
Many pests are active year round in San Diego. Email us a photo of your tree or call for a free consultation.
Stump Grinding
This is the process of using a grinding machine to grind the trunk below grade. Typicaly this is done from a depth of just a few inches to up to 18" or more depending on your needs.